Clearification concludes – Demetri (person)

Clearification, the comical viral video series featuring Demetri Martin at the Institute of Advanced Personhood sponsored by Windows Vista has come to a conclusion recently. Demetri, who originally entered the institute for a psychological condition called “Hyper-Achiever with No Direction and Tendency to Overcomplicate Situations Syndrome” (HAND TOSS) has been a test subject under the […]

Clearification #3 – Back to ‘not much sense’

Forget what I said last time, Clearification has returned to the state of ‘not making much sense’. Today, the third episode in the six episodes series with Demetri Martin was released, titled “Electric Brain”. The story revolves around a scientific experiment with a brain-analyzing device. Check it out for yourself. It’s a little bit funny. […]

Clearification just got a whole lot clearer

It’s been nearly two weeks since I first reported about Microsoft’s viral marketing campaign for Windows Vista called Clearification. Back then, the relationship between the campaign and Windows Vista was extremely vague and confusing. But now, Clearification has just posted the second installment of the “Demetri Martin finds Clearification” videos. Everything is clearer now. In […]

Cracked tubes: Vista news leaks

There has been more Vista scoops posted today on the series of tubes than the last 3 months combined. As we approach judgment day, things are starting to make sense. Product branding icons Paul Thurrott (image credit) has posted an image snippet of all the branded products’ icons in Windows Vista, set against the new […]