Microsoft’s day of purple

Microsoft’s Visual Studio 2012 team has a purple fetish. At their launch event today in Seattle, they showed off the vibrant color loud and proud. If you’re planning to host a purple-themed party in the future, here’s some inspiration.

Purple carpet

Purple signage

Purple hallways and lighting

Purple flowers

Purple donuts

Purple presentation stage, purple chairs

Purple slide-deck

Purple (melted) ice cream, blueberry flavor

Purple martini

Purple tablecloth

Purple cupcakes

12 insightful thoughts

    1. Interior design WAS NOT done by Marie Schrader – Pinnacle and PJ Hummel were decor companies used managed by Kristyn Maddox at Microsoft.

      1. Marie Schrader is a fictional character from Breaking Bad and presumably ‘Hank’ (her husband in the show) was making a joke.

  1. The irony is of course that VS 2012 is basically a big slab of bland whiteness. If only there was some purple, if only!

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