Geek-girl Felicia Day kicks off inaugural Microsoft Advertising Story Awards

Today Microsoft kicked off the first Microsoft Advertising Story Awards contest to find the world’s most innovative digital marketer with the chance to win a trip to the Oscars-of-the-advertising-world, Cannes Lions 2012.

The contest specifies “entries will be judged on how effectively your campaign plan uses Microsoft Advertising solutions”. Essentially, this is a promotion to get more advertisers to explore and use Microsoft’s broad set of advertising properties which include but is not limited to MSN, mobile, Skype and XBOX.

To illustrate this in practice, Microsoft got geek-celebrity Felicia Day to help explain Microsoft Advertising in a tongue-in-cheek video that explains Microsoft Advertising at a high level.

Some of you might recognize Felicia Day from the SyFy TV show Eureka and her claim to fame with her comedy web series “The Guild” which Microsoft acquired the exclusive distribution rights for on XBOX Live, Zune and MSN Video.

One insightful thought

  1. Why when I say “Xbox Pizza” to my Xbox does that not happen? Heck why can’t it even bring up an option to buy pizza and bill my PayPal account- then it would be the 21st century of my dreams 😉

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