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  1. First that medical website layout thing, now this… the whole “Let’s criticize Microsoft Marketing” thing is clutching at straws by now.

    1. Please unsubscribe/stop reading if you take everything I say seriously because I like to drizzle my blog with humor.

      1. Was this a funny article? I thought it was a serious one… next time please add a smiley so we know that it’s a joke article. (I’m subscribed to this blog because of interesting Microsoft news, not for silly posts btw)

    2. It’s just a blog dude. Take your business elsewhere if you’re just going to whine.

    3. Are we tech geeks really so uptight? We need to go out more. If you read “Microsoft defies gravity” and you take it seriously men you do need to disconnect and go out some more, just follow the white rabbit and have fun.
      If you’re looking for a real anti-microsoft blogs, check out Engadget or Techcrunch.

      1. Dude, I’m not the one taking “I’m not constrained by gravity” seriously. I’m taking Long’s humorless response seriously.

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