Windows Live explained with liquid blobs

Ninemsn, the Australian-subsidiary of MSN with an identity crisis, has come up with a pretty interesting and rather cute way of explaining Windows Live to the masses using liquid blobs morphing and connecting the different products and services on offer. In addition to the 30-seconds television commercial, there’s also a pretty casual and friendly mini-site drawing on the same blob mentality to explain more about the Windows Live offerings.

In a way, the blobs reminds me of the liquid-metal T-1000 Terminators, however unlike their humanity-annihilating counterparts, the Windows Live blobs are harmless, for now.

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  1. I must admit, they’re actually pretty amazing advertisements. Very simple and clean.
    What I love though is that this 30 second ad convinced my mum to learn how to use the Live services, when I had no success for months!

    Microsoft should continue this type of advertisement in the future. Simplicity is amazing.

  2. @JaycobC: Wow that’s extraordinary. Did she see this on TV? I haven’t watched a lot of Australian TV recently so don’t know if this has appeared on TV yet.

  3. They actually have been screening this advertisment for Windows Live during the previews at Hoyts Cinemas for a month or so. They are very well done; simple yet very effective.

  4. I was impressed with this Ad when I first saw it. These little blobs have done the impossible and managed to explain windows live services.

  5. These have to be the worst ads and creative I have seen for a long time. Are the comments above serious?

    No wonder ninemsn is becoming less relevant and the Windows and Search brands are almost non-existent!

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