I’M A PC video browser

So you want to see all the “I’M A PC” videos but can’t bear the “video wall” on Microsoft’s website – where you can’t easily browse or link to videos – then you could write your own XML parser and viewer website, or you could use the one I prepared earlier (www.istartedsomething.com/pcview/).

Now you can share your favorite clips, like Tron Guy and weirdo who likes cheese.

Update: Added functionality to comment on each video.

Update 2: Added ability to embed videos.

8 insightful thoughts

  1. Thanks, Long.
    And by the way, your blog roll at the right doesn’t work in Internet Explorer 8.
    Just thought I should let you know.

  2. Somehow I have the urge to promote my blog by submitting a “I’m a PC” bit…
    How about “I’m a PC and you should read my blog!” or something like that.

    Because shameless promotion makes me unique. 😛

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