New full-length WALL•E trailer released

Pixar has finally released the full-length trailer for its highly anticipated upcoming animated film, WALL•E. Suffice to say it doesn’t disappoint. It’s cute, funny and damn right gorgeous to look at.

If you haven’t heard of WALL•E before, it’s the story of a robot, the only robot, left on Earth who’s sole task is to clean up the mess left by humans – now living on spaceship and presumably other planets. One day, another robot returns to Earth to check on how things are going. Soon, they become friends and WALL•E hitches a ride to space.

[flv:walle.flv 640 272]

If you’re not satisfied, then check out the 1080p version at

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  1. Looks awesome. 😀 Been following the trailer since it was just a teaser. This one lets on a lot more to the story. Looks good!

  2. @ John

    lol Right… this is a Short Circuit rip-off… I like that movie but considering you have never even seen Wall.E and also considering the only thing these films have in common is that the main character is a robot, I think it is pretty far fetched to call this a rip-off.

    I’m curious though why you do think it is a “major rip-off”.

  3. Nice update! Looks promising.

    @Fred, do you dislike such posts? One post about Pixer doesn’t have to mean a new “direction”.

  4. Very much looking forward to this, looks a great movie.

    (slightly more MS related why on earth hasn’t Microsoft added H.264 MP4 support to windows media player, I mean come on, the Xbox 360, the Zune, the windows media center extenders all have it but WMP does not & MS expects you to rely on hacks to make it work in media center. It’s really about time MS stopped clinging to WMV only H.264/MP4 has become the de facto cross platform standard with huge industry support, sorry rant over)

  5. Awesome, thanks for that! I wouldn’t have gone to see this movie from the previous trailers, and as I don’t pay for cable or watch TV anymore I probably wouldn’t have gone at all. Thanks! 😀 Looks worth it now!

  6. @Sebas:

    “@Fred, do you dislike such posts? One post about Pixer doesn’t have to mean a new “direction”.”

    That’s why I -asked- if this was a new direction.

    And no, I don’t dislike such posts, but I don’t care for them either. I’d prefer the blog to just stay on topic, but that may be just me.

  7. @ Jonathan

    Let me rephrase what I meant….. I thought the character idea/design was a “major Short Circuit rip-off”. Otherwise, I agree, they have nothing else in common. The major beef I have is that Pixar denounced any similarity, but then creator Andrew Stanton was quoted as saying that he “might” have been influenced by that film….hmmm. Being a huge Pixar fan myself, I would think they would have been more careful because I am not the only person who feels that Johnny 5’s likeness has been used without permission. Just my opinion…. I’m sure this will be a great film….but I’d rather see Short Circuit 3 get the green-light!

  8. Damn it; seems like Pixar has done it again. Personally though, I’m more into DreamWorks’ creations; they push humor in some interesting directions (i.e. Bee Movie).

  9. @redfish: From what I understand, all the other ones have failed or broken down.

  10. @Long: I wonder which WordPress plugin you’re using to embed the JW FLV player? there seem to be multiple versions available and I’m lazy to try them all 🙂

  11. @ Sebas & Fred,

    From memory, Longs posted on upcoming Pixar movies before… (Cars and Ratatouille)
    So he hasnt changed…. and im glad he hasn’t 🙂

    Keep up the great work long.

  12. They perfected shadows, lightning, metals, robots, environments, and animals.

    They have to work on making humans. They do really.

  13. @MJ, take it from experience, if you can’t do humans perfect, you should make them cartoony. That way, less people complain about them not looking real.

    Beowulf made this mistake.

  14. @ MJ With Pixar’s talent offcourse they can. SquareSoft did in 2001 with Final Fantasy. Offcourse we all know what we look like so rather than perfecting what we already know Pixar goes into creating very believable and luscious locales and great story telling with characters you care about

  15. This isn’t a rip off of Short Circuit. It’s a rip off of the I’m a Mac I’m a PC ads. Perhaps someone will recognise the great personality of a mongrel machine.

  16. Would you mind posting the filesize of the flv under videos you post so I at least convince myself I’m keeping tabs on my quota?


    WALL•E looks very endearing.

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