The A-Team strikes Zegoe

LOLCat cease and desist

As you all know, this blog is only a cover-up for a very large Chinese piracy operation which is why it is the latest target of the Microsoft A-Team. Because this website has such wide reach and implications, it is an obvious target compared to the more amateurish activities such as factory-based software counterfeiting operations in South East Asia.

Today, I received a cease and desist letter from Seed IP Law Group PLLC acting on behalf of the Microsoft Corporation in regards to one of Microsoft®’s most cherished intellectual properties, Zegoe®. Filled “LOLs”, “OMGs” and smiley faces (they copy & pasted all the user comments), the document demanded the “immediate cease and desist of advertising, promoting, and assisting the unauthorized distribution of Microsoft®’s ZEGOE® font software”. If I fail to comply I risk becoming “accountable for additional damages to Microsoft®”. Since I don’t really want to risk national security if Zegoe® falls into the hands of terrorist – who knows what destructive yet beautifully readable weapons of mass destruction® they could create, I had no choice than to comply, thus I have removed all the links.

However as a precaution for future legal implications, I ask everyone including myself to obfuscate any references to legally sensitive material in LOLCat speak. For example if you need to express the need for a particular ZIP file, instead of “please send file to [email protected]”, you would say “DO WANT. Plez send bucket to [email protected] kthxbai”. Besides making court hearings (if it should arise) entirely hilarious – “I plead I R not cheezburglar”, it also acts as a deterrent for any cat-hating lawyers.

Finally, I have consulted with my lawyer, albeit imaginary but well practiced, and we intend to sue Microsoft back for murder to the second degree of my hyperlinks. We suspect the murder may be racially motivated.

Microsoft, Windows, Zune, Zegoe, A-Team and the Zune logo are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States, other countries, or pretty much anywhere where people exists really. Weapons of mass destruction is a trademark of the United States Government in the United States, duh.

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  1. Ha-ha they are blocking illegal Zegoe copies, but they can’t block illegal copies of Windows… ;d Long, how you dare to expose Microsoft to loosing millions of dollars ;d

    PS. Sorry for my english.
    PS2. Email me for get your unauthorized copy of Microsoft®’s ZEGOE® font software 😉 kontakt (A)

  2. ah dude, thats lame….i cant believe M$ puts up such a stick over this trivial crap!!

    pretty sad when they wont let “your average consumer” promote there goods!!



  3. Another example of MSFT being too stupid to differentiate between friend and foe. A simple call from the local office could have solved it. That’s what you do with friends.

  4. Whoa…I thought our potential was Microsoft’s passion? I guess not…

    Anyway, would anybody be nice enough to pass the burger? I would like a bite…


  6. Hey Dude,

    Kudos for your humerous, yet balanced reaction. So many bloggers get all high and mighty when faced with this sort of stuff.

    Lawyers in any large corporation don’t really have any room to move on infringements like this, however minor. They can’t really “just give you a friendly call” as one of the comments above suggested. The only real option is a C&D, which is always going to sound over-the-top & threatening. But, hey, you dealt with it really well. I don’t think you would have lost any friends at MS over that.

  7. Very funny, and interesting about how microsoft is so protective about five branding fonts. so stupid, i can understand if it is giving a link to a free windows vista copy.

    oh well. see you people

  8. I should sue microsoft for using my comment under that post to threaten you, I didn’t give them rioght to do that.

    Just in case MS is going to sue you again and include comments:

    Yeah man, wherez da Zegoe?

    ———————- Comments end here ———————-

    We, Microsoft company, officially declare ourselves a bunch of assoles, and cancel everyting which was written in this letter before and after the marked lines.
    As our apology for being assholes, we offer free licence to every piece of software Microsoft has ever prodeced and will produce in the future, and a free Zune 80 to Long Zheng and every “reader” of his blog. “Reader” is defined as a person who have visited website at least once in his life.

    ——————- Our invalid bullshit starts here ———–

  9. Microsoft made a mistake, again.

    Long Zheng is a promoter of some of Microsoft’s good stuff, and they pull this kind of stunt on him?

    That’s really sad and evil of you Microsoft. He pretty much advertised a nice set of fonts.

    Microsoft is the one that really suffers in the end.

  10. You really can’t complain. You got away with posting links to all those (non free) mp3s on the Zune site.

  11. heya Long, why no updates for the last 4 days? i hope u r doing fine 🙂 i love this blog.. so keep rockin dude 🙂

  12. Excellent means of posting about this, Long! I seriously laughed my ass off. I remember when MS did the same thing to us when UX.Evolutions was up and running. Oh well. At least you are witty enough to post about it like you did… But in all seriousness, how could you NOT see that your promoting of zee Zegoe font obviously implied that you harbor terrorists!? [Napoleon Dynamite] GOD. [/Napoleon Dynamite]

  13. Even after more than a year, this is very interesting…considering Microsoft themselves have had issues with the distribution of Segoe (they didn’t make it, and it seemed based on Frutiger).

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