TechEd Day 1: Blogging Bloggers’ Lunch

As requested by master Frank Arrigo, here we are sitting in Bloggers’ Lunch at Microsoft TechEd Australia 2007, blogging about Bloggers’ Lunch – a discussion over lunch about Web 2.0 (and even blogging).

The lunch, including a salad in a smoothie cup, came in a picnic-style box.

The panel of ‘experts’ each providing their own unique perspective on the subjects.

(Proud) Frank Arrigo, responsible for moderating the discussion.

Philip Sim – CEO of Media Connect, Australian PR company. His blog is “Squash“.

Darren Niemke, from Readify. Blogs at “MarkItUp“.

Des Walsh, business coach working from home. Blogs at ““.

Jane O’Connell, products and strategy at NineMSN, mainstream media. Does not blog.

Michael Platt, director of web application architecture at Microsoft. Blogs at ““.

Nick Hodge has an in-depth summary of what was discussed at the lunch. Including value of blogging, information overflow and management, censorship, journalism, Web 2.0 and privacy.

7 insightful thoughts

  1. It appears the muffin didn’t get anything but a cameo in your photo. No mention. Was it delicious? We will never know. How is that blogging the lunch? I expect Long Zheng to cover the entire story. πŸ˜›

  2. If we look at all the speakers’ photos, it becomes obvious that the sessions were an attempt to figure out whether the serious-looking people are better bloggers or the funky-looking ones. I hope that the funky-looking ones won out, otherwise I will now have to buy a tie πŸ™‚

  3. @ Long Zheng: Great pics!

    @Arjeet: I wouldn’t expect anyone to call me funky these days, but I’m not wearing a tie. So now I’m wondering, can I be a good blogger still? :-s

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