Conan O’Brien at Intel HQ

Conan O’Brien at Intel

This trickled down from Intel’s PR, and I found it pretty cool so I thought I’d post it here. Comedian Conan O’Brien was at Intel last Thursday to film a skit because Intel helped sponsor his San Francisco shows. Two Intel employees coincidentally blogged about their experiences meeting Conan under the same heading of “How I met Conan O’Brien”. Tony Chung regrets not having a camera at hand and Jaime scored some VIP tickets to the show.

Conan O’Brien at Intel videoSince we don’t have Conan on public television in Australia, I haven’t been following Conan’s shows but I like it whatever chance I do get to see it on YouTube. My impression is that Conan has quite a soft spot for technology having hosted Microsoft’s CES keynote in 2005 with Bill Gates. That was quite memorable.

Conan seems to be writing his own blog (or he’s employed a very good writer) to record his thoughts about the experience and they’ve got a nice behind-the-scenes video of what happened at Intel. The bit at the end with the school kids is priceless.

His skit at Intel should have aired in last night’s Last Show. I’ll be looking for it on YouTube. 😉

Update: The Intel video has since aired on the show. The video clip can be found here.

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  1. Hey Long…will you be at CeBIT Australia? I’m studying abroad in Sydney and it just happens to be here while I’m in town. Yay!

  2. Hmm, isn’t this blog written by the Insider guy who’s picture appears on the left of the blog? Aaron something?

  3. “Since we don’t have Conan on public television in Australia, I haven’t been following Conan’s shows”

    Can you explain this a bit? Is this an Australia thing?

  4. @blind: Conan’s TV show is not broadcasted in Australia on free-to-air television, therefore I can’t watch it. I can only see what few clips of it are posted to YouTube.

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