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  1. Nice. Havn’t been here in a whild. FireFox’s spell checker stopped working on me…

    How much time was taken to make that image? Or was it all C&P with you?

  2. @Darren: Took about a good 30 minutes to get my head around what I wanted to do. I also had to make sure I had exactly 1000 planes 🙂

  3. It’s an extremely important problem, and Gates could be underestimating the numbers (and talking about really, really small planes)

    from http://www.malaria.org/factpack.html :

    “The majority of deaths are children. In other words children are dying at a rate of 4 per minute, 5,000 a day and 35,000 a week.” (this is a touch south of two million a year.)

  4. so that’s where my money is going!
    heck, i’m all for it, and while his numbers might be off he makes a pretty good point.

    tragedy makes for better news than plight…

  5. Please give a hand to help Cam poison of Vietnam,where millions of person were bearing by the result of war.
    I belive Bill Gates can do and to be ready to do with all his heart and his love .

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