Windows Vista inspired

This comes from the Microsoft Enthusiast Launch Kit CD handed out with the Windows Vista launch kits. It’s suppose to be an inspirational video that presenters could show before or after their presentation to make people all mushy about Windows. The kind of thing that you’d normally expect on Oprah.

Windows has come a long way. It has made a huge impact on the world, thus empowering individuals to do amazing things to improve their lives by changing the way we work, play, and enjoy entertainment. This video conveys Windows Vista’s momentous occasion end-users are eager to experience.

At about 2 minutes 10 seconds, Bill Gates says “What we’ve done in the last 30 years, really is just the beginning”. Oh hang on second, where have I heard that before?

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  1. The video was made long before apple’s campaign, Bill gates is talking about MS’s 30 year(2006) here. Take this opportunity to educate yourself about MS.

  2. @Hans

    Maybe he just means that all this ‘marketing’ talk is always the same mindless BS.

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