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And you thought magazines were dead. Think again, and think really really hard. If our most beloved print media disappears, what will we read in the bathroom? Bet you’ve never considered that. Now moving right along.

Official Windows Vista magazine coverOfficial Windows Vista magazine

The very kind magazine editor Paul Douglas from Future publishings has made available 5 copies of their soon-to-be-released Windows Vista Preview Magazine, the officially Microsoft-endorsed magazine for Windows Vista, to be given away right here. I will also be writing for this very magazine in the near future, and I’ve been in regular contact with the wonderful team at Future contributing many silly ideas and useless feedback. So if this magazine flops, you know who screwed up.

The Windows Vista Preview magazine is slated for released on November 1st, and features 164-pages of previews about the most delayed operating system in history. It also comes with a hands-on interactive DVD which allows viewers to explore the look and feel of Vista without installations. It also has a collector’s cover inside and a cool embossed Vista orb logo on the front. The inside looks pretty cool too.

Expect to find guides on nine key features in Windows Vista, from music to security. There’s also an aid to picking the most appropriate edition out of the 5 available, a concept many “Vista Ultimate is too expensive M$ sucks ROFLMAO!!!oneone1”-people don’t get.

If you can’t wait for the magazine, then I recommend you check out the magazine’s blog, where contributor Jon Hicks always puts up a few neat Vista tips and tricks. You can also subscribe and feel good about yourself.

Enter the giveaway to win 1 of 5 copies of the official Windows Vista Preview magazine
Competition closes Friday 3rd of November, 2006. Open to residents of any country with a postal service.
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  1. “If our most beloved print media disappears, what will we read in the bathroom?”

    That’s the question the inventor of wireless internet was trying to answer. I think he did a fairly good job although people don’t seem to appreciate it when you speak to them on messenger whilst you’re on the loo – they’re much happier shouting through the door…

  2. Could of done with this when the Beta and RC products were released seeing as it such a major release, still better later than never!

  3. I,ve had Windows Vista For sum time It is the best O/S. I have Windows XP Home,Windows XP Pro 64bit Windows 2000,Windows ME,Windows 98 se,Windows 95.Windows Vista is THE BEST O/S i have.

  4. this look like just the magazine to keep us informed looking forward to the first issue the preview magazine was great

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