Highlights of the Vista mousemat giveaway responses

Ever since I announced the Official Windows Vista Mousemats giveaway just 3 days ago, my email inbox has been full of quirky and fun responses to the question on the submissions page, “In one word or less, why do you want a mousemat?” To be exact, I’ve received 349 entries so far. So I thought I’d share some of them here. And since this is a random prize-draw, plagiarism is encouraged!

  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidoceous — Surprisingly only one person submitted this, but there were a few variations
  • for when i get vista via Bit Torrent — Probably not the best idea to send your email and name along with that
  • For the same reason there are more Porsche-Baseballcap owner than actual Porsche-Owners: it’s cheaper this way. — Got to get myself one of those
  • It’s the Official Windows Vista Mousemats! — Thank you for completing the comprehension test
  • Because I have one bum cheeks smaller than the other and I use it to sit on with that one cheek — Too much information
  • Quality is not being judged?!?!? Of course it is! And I would not blame you if you threw out those other entries of ‘lesser quality’ and just made this one the winner! Thank you. — Done
  • To use with my circular-shaped mouse — You mean, you don’t have a circular-shaped mouse?
  • Good question. I use a touchpad… — At least you’re honest
  • Because deep inside of my heart of hearts I’m actually a Microsoft fanboy. Shh… don’t tell anyone. — Whoops
  • To throw like a frisbee at Mac fanboys around the office — I don’t know how well mousepads fly, but I like your way of thinking
  • Rumour has it that this mat contains a hidden version of Service Pack 1 for Vista… — Shhhhh

I’d like to give James Senior one last plug for providing these mousemats.

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  2. Meh, Mine’s not up there, but it was also not very creative. It did however fit under the ‘one word’ rule. Although, if there were compound words like the one I created, first graders everywhere would be pulling their hair out.

  3. Hi I would like to comment on the microsoft windows vista orb mousepad. I would like to know where I can purchase one of these mad pads from. I am interested in getting a new mouse pad and I was looking for one with a windows vista or xp logo. I think this one has a neat design and I hope to be able to purchase one. Thank you.

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