Win a Windows Vista USB Drive

Windows Vista USB drive

The very generous Microsofty James Senior is giving away not two, not three, but one (1) Windows Vista branded 256MB USB flash/memory drive/stick.

For this competition, you actually have to turn on your brain. But only for mere minutes. James asks, in no more than 30 words, tell me about your favourite feature in Vista and why it’s so great. The competition closes on the 25th of September 2006 by noon GMT, so you better start thinking!

For details on how to enter this competition, go check out James Senior‘s blog. He has also publically published his email address, so you can also send him mortgage offers.

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  2. I love the ability to add gadjets to my application. Witness the “Wow” gadjet – its really cool.

  3. I just bought a Dell with Windows Vista installed and in need of a
    USB Drive that is compatible with it. Thank you

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