Vista 5355 Screenshots

Charlie Owen posted some new and tasty screenshots for Windows Vista. They seem to be much newer than any CTP screenshots and their build number/date Build 5355.vbl_media_ehome.060330-2100 seems to reflect that.

I have enlarged them for easier viewing to spot the details. There seems to be alot of new icons and the UI seems much more polished.

The Vista-‘flare’ is very prominent here. There seems to be a new icon in the address bar before “Control Panel”. Can’t really make out what it is, but usually that is the “Computer” icon. Some of the icons in the control panel itself seems to be updated, and the text layout is cleaned up.

Obvious UI refresh to Internet Explorer 7 in Vista. Purpleish-blue hue on the tabs bar, although I still personally prefer the grayish look for IE 7 March Beta in XP. Scrollbar also looks different, very dark gradient.

New wallpaper perhaps? Also notice how the Windows orb extrudes on the bottom from the taskbar, reflecting how it extrudes on the top if you place the taskbar on the bottom. Volume icon seems to be different, although the image isn’t clear enough to tell.

There seems to be a blue line below the menu (file, edit) bar. Looks quite weird, could be just poor image quality and compression.

The whole start menu feels a lot darker, which is a good thing. The transprency in the black has been reduced, offering better visibility for the text. Other than that, new icons for Calculator, Windows Ultimate Extras, Windows Photo Gallery (spelt Galery) and Windows Sidebar! Can’t wait to see them in high-resolution. Also the “clear” button in the search box seems to bright orange, didn’t notice that before.

Obviously these images weren’t published for enlargement or public review, however the Vista UI is shaping up nicely and is more polished than ever. Can’t wait for April/May/June CTP!

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