Waiter! Why is there bittorent in my browser?

The craze for AllPeers has started.

Most web 2.0 applications makes you think “why didn’t I think of that”. This one made me thought “what the f*** are these guys thinking”.

The idea of the AllPeers is to share multimedia content on the internet using peer-to-peer. The idea is similar to Microsoft Max, except its implementation I cannot digest. The application, sits within Firefox, yet it’s not a website.

I don’t know if I’m pointing out the obvious here, but why would you limit yourself to just a segment of the market of internet users? Regardless of how much market share Firefox has, it will never be 100%, nor would any other single browser.

And for crying out loud, it’s a browser, not an operating system. Why, would I launch my browser, to launch another application — that is not a webpage, to share my photos? Wouldn’t it have made more sense, to build a cross-platform native application that allowed that?

And what happens if Firefox changes dramatically, like Firefox 3.0 intends. Why would you build software on such a rapid-developing ‘platform’ that was made to view webpages? It all seems quite silly to me.

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