Try these Windows 7 ringtones

musicYou see, I thought we had all learned a lesson with the Crazy Frog and ringtones based entirely on repeating single-syllable words, but apparently not. BingTones are now invading public places around the world. In a bid to maintain social order, I come offering some ringtones from Windows 7.

As part of Windows 7’s new foundation for managing communication applications at a system level (for example, lowering the volume or muting your music when you receive a call on Skype), the operating system actually now ships with ten soundclips which can be used as ringtones, stored as WMA files under the “%ProgramData%\Microsoft\Windows\Ringtones” folder, for your personalization.

There is of course nothing stopping these ringtones from being also used on a mobile phone. As such, I’ve edited them a bit and converted them to compatible formats for your convenience. Enjoy.

As with any collection of ringtones, not all are of equal standards. Personally I find numero 2 the best, followed by 1 and 4. Number 10 just sounds like the end of a circus act.

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  1. I like these BingTones! I was expecting to find them in the BingTones official download pack but the tones weren’t, voices were. Did you check out the official BingTones by Microsoft?

  2. My computer got hit by a ransomware virus that encrypted the ringtone files. Could you please make the original WMA files available for download so that I can restore them? Thanks

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