Razorfish DaVinci Surface application; like Crayon Physics Deluxe, only better

If you’ve ever played Crayon Physics Deluxe on a tablet PC or similar clones on the iPhone and wished you could play it on a giant table, with better physics and more control over the properties, be able to use real life objects and world peace, then the latest Microsoft Surface demo application from Razorfish has almost what you’re looking for. Rumor has it world peace is coming in version two.

Something about watching irregular sized circles roll on irregular shapes makes touch physics games very addictive.

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  1. Somehow I can’t figure out if you like the video and the concept of the MS Surface table.
    I had to LOL when reading about the world peace feature 🙂

  2. I think there is something wrong with the process; So we have a new technology – thats fine. Now, it looks like, that we created something that is useful to that new technology. So the demand comes from that new Technology – 


    shouldn’t the demand for a new Technology come from another perspective?

    Just asking.

  3. Wow! I want a surface so much.
    This kind of applications are so powerful, but at the same time a kid can understand and handle them!

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