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“Operation Smile” public art display for Windows Live

[flv:operationsmile.flv 670 376]

For the launch of Windows Live Wave 2 late last year, Microsoft together with the non-profit organization “Operation Smile” hosted an event in New York with a dazzling art installation featuring a 60-feet wide white sphere. On this sphere, they projected a dynamically-generated visualization of smiling faces with thousands of smaller pictures. The end result if nothing of a sheer visual spectacle. And because everything was rendered in real-time, attendees at the event could even upload their own face pictures into the pool of faces although I’m sure it’ll be one hell of a “Where’s Waldo” to find.

It was put together by creative studio “firstborn” using an open-source visual graphics platform called Processing. Check out their website for more gorgeous screenshots as well as a look at the behind the scenes wizardry.

This sure gives the Times Square NYE Ball a run for its money.

Microsoft + Yahoo = Big Mess?

Ylive!Everyone on the sideline seems to be very excited about possible Yahoo and Microsoft merger, but I’m not so sure it’s going to turn out pretty. Microsoft has a history of making acquisitions, and few comes to mind of anywhere close to a success. The recent exception being Bungie, and only because Microsoft left them alone.

For example, in 1997 Microsoft acquired Vxtreme Inc for their web theater technology with $75 million. What web theater?

With the help of Josh Philips from WindowsConnected.com we’ve compiled a list of existing Yahoo services and matched it with existing Microsoft offerings. It’s an astounding number of overlaps. Of course there’s many more services from Microsoft without Yahoo equivalents (ex. Office Live).

Now imagine for each and every one of these you have to make a decision – to keep it as is, integrate Yahoo’s into Microsoft’s, integrate Microsoft’s into Yahoo’s or even come up with a new hybrid. Simple branding aside, I think the developers are going to have to work quite a few late nights to integrate what I believe are two monolithic systems together.

Whatever they do, they better not ruin Flickr.

Service yahoo.jpg
Yahoo Equivalent
Microsoft Equivalent
Content Portals Yahoo.com
Yahoo Auto
Yahoo Finances
MSN Auto
MSN Finances
Country-specific Content Portals ex. Yahoo7.com.au ex. Ninemsn.com
Account Management Yahoo ID Live ID
Personal Homepage My Yahoo! Live.com
Search Yahoo Search Live Search
Casual gaming Yahoo Games MSN Games
Mapping Yahoo Maps Live Maps
Instant Messenger Yahoo Messenger Live Messenger
Mail Yahoo Mail Live Hotmail
Community Help Service Yahoo Answers Live QnA
Photo Sharing Flickr Live Spaces
Blogging 360° Live Spaces
Widgets Yahoo Widgets Windows Sidebar
Search Advertising Yahoo Search Marketing Microsoft adCenter
Mobile Yahoo Mobile Live Mobile
Web Development Yahoo Developer Network Dev.Live.com
Web Mashup Tools Yahoo Pipes Popfly
Website Services Yahoo Small Business Office Live
Social Events Upcoming Live Events
Social Bookmarking del.icio.us (Advertising deal with Digg)
eCommerce alibaba  
Music Service Y! Music/MusicMatch Zune Marketplace, MSN Music
Music Software Music Jukebox Windows Media Player

Did I miss anything? Please help me correct it.