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Winning the Imagine Cup 2008 world finals


Who would have guessed, a rookie team from Australia whose representatives in the past has never gone as far as the world semi-finals with a blow-up Kangaroo as a mentor would actually come out first-place champions in the Imagine Cup world finals. The awesome part of this story is that I’m actually on that team. w00t.

Naturally when you win something like this, the question you always get is “how did you do it” followed by “no way, seriously, how did you do it” and “when you are rich don’t forget about me”. Now that this web server is alive and kicking, without any further ado, here is how my team and I conquered planet Earth Imagine Cup 2008.

To be perfectly honest, all of this was very close to have not happened at all because of my reluctance to join the competition in the first place. When my teammates asked me to join them back in February I actually declined twice because I thought I was already overloaded and couldn’t contribute much. I guess playing “hard to get” turned out pretty well after all. My teammates would probably have a different opinion on this.

Choosing the topic was almost trivial, the biggest environmental problem in Australia is the lack of water resources. Most people at this stage would probably start to think about households because that’s probably what all the advertisements are saying, “turn off your tap and save the world”. Granted saving water at home is important but there’s no comparison to how much water the agriculture industry uses. Sure, drinking water is not their primary source but the environment is a closed loop and any water resource is precious.

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And we’re back …

Oooh, so that’s what the big shiny red button do.

Frequent visitors of this website may have wittingly discovered the somewhat lack of website over the past few weeks. Firstly, I would like to apologize if you were in any way traumatized by the outage.

I was planning to blame Amazon S3 for the downtime but that might be a little unfair because I actually don’t use their service. Blaming other people is always fun.

The slightly more boring truth is that a server software update corrupted the kernel (yes the server runs Linux) whilst I was in Denmark on holiday celebrating my team’s first-prize win in Microsoft’s Imagine Cup world finals in Paris (more about that later). Needless to say the fun I was having outweighed my desire to fix the server. Some of you may have even witnessed the fun I had discovering my inner-Pirate from a placeholder photo in the past couple of days (credit to my Denmark host and server operator for the captions).

Now everything is back to normal, sort of.