Monthly Archives: June 2005

Long goes to Sydney!

Hooray. I’m heading off to Sydney on the Wednesday 22nd to visit and meet some of the fantastic guys at emotum who has invited me to go 😀 It is a short trip with me returning to Melbourne in 24 hours, but it’ll be my first ever solo travelling experience, however I should not be so excited since I have an exam on Tuesday. But when I do get there, I hope to take plenty of pictures and have lots of fun. 🙂

Just smile and wave…

Hello. Welcome to those randomly selected people from my MSN contact list to take a peak at my new weblog. I hate using the word blog because it sounds like water going down a drain. Anyway. This is probably my third and final weblog. Unless Google shuts down Blogger, then the end of this weblog won’t be the only contributing factor to the end of the world.

I hope you enjoy the crap I will be posting from this moment in time onwards. That moment in time has passed. 🙂